Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective


My first wedding of 2014 – with the fabulous Sarah and Beaty – totally inspired me to write a number of blogs about weddings from a photographer’s perspective. During their planning, on the day and afterwards, we talked about so many things from format to special details, from budget to traditions and I drafted some blog posts to articulate a few further thoughts. Of course it’s my perspective and gratuitously ultimately I am looking to get more business, but I thought I would put it out there and start some debates – most of the posts will have a poll attached to gauge current thinking. I’m interested in comments and feedback, especially from other photographers and couples…

Here are the topics, probably in publishing order, and I’m planning to release one a week depending on interest! Select as many as you think:

Let me know if this could be interesting – I would not want to waste your time!

Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective

A little gallery with a fantastic Aura

There are some fantastic “secret” spaces around St P and my favourite place today is the Hardy Tree Gallery which is housed in an old railway arch just next to St Pancras International station.

I have walked past a few times and never dared to go in, but inspired by a recommendation from the Framing Emporium just a few doors up, I ventured in and met an incredibly talented photographic artist called Susanna Thornton and take a look at her exhibition collection: Aura. I was really interested in looking at her work, asking about her inspiraiton, her techniques and her background. You can read more about her on her website

This was a strong reminder to me that I really need to find my niche and stop being such a generalist as that does not sell; but also don’t be discouraged by negativity or “no, you can’t people”.

Thanks for the inspiration.

The exhibition only runs until the end September – so hurry if you want to get there… 

A little gallery with a fantastic Aura

Do you love Adam Ant?


I had a great time going to see my 80’s heart throb icon in concert back last year, but all those happy memories came flooding back when I stumbled upon Adam Ant Dandy in the Underworld – a photographic event at Proud Galleries in Camden.

There were photos from 1978 to 2011 and limited edition prints from “just” £500 to £1,200… I even saw a few from Hannah Domagala who I met at the concert.

A lovely moment of nostalgia and interest. I picked up a booklet for £10, SIGNED BY ADAM ANT himself! If anyone wants one, let me know and I can get you one ;0). Swoon, he touched it!

Do you love Adam Ant?

Resolution: Find my niche…


With photography it pays to be really good at one thing eg portraits (a la David Bailey), landscapes (a la Ansel Adams) or weddings (a la Damien Lovegrove). And when I say really good I mean REALLY good – so you can charge what you like, do what you want and be in the envious position of turning down work…’cos you can.


So, I’ve been thinking – what’s my niche? I rather like variety including weddings, portraits, events, commercial shoots, interesting things, obscure things and abstract. My least favourite is landscapes if I am ranking genres; and animals I find really hard but always a great challenge.

But the trick to “owning your niche” is:

a) Obviously being really technically good; and / or

b) Being first or quickest to do it; and / or

c) Being unique, the only one to do it…


In 2012 I am living in London (in case you did not know), a perfect place to access everything and everyone. But many of the things that interest me photographically have been “done”: bollards, road signs, bridges, pub signs, water fountains, “deserted streets on Christmas Day”, shop fronts, trains, street art/graffitti, Tube stations, graveyards/churches, statues and sculptures, London buses, union jacks etc etc.

So how do you decide what your niche is if you don’t easily fit the first two of the above criteria? It leaves being unique as the only viable option aka the only one interested enough/bothered enough or crazy enough to do it.

One thought I had (as I witnessed a few exhibits in the run up to Christmas) was “Pukes of London” – recording the depth of colour and texture, location, interesting featus, variety, moments in time etc.

Then there is maybe “Gross Out London” – I did see an arrangement of pants and human faeces outside the Betjeman Arms on Christmas Day which I am sure they really appreciated having to clear up. Nice one.

What should it be? Will I find it? Will I ever be niche and destined to stay a generalist?

Who knows what 2012 will bring… and if you have any suggestions, please DO let me know!


Resolution: Find my niche…