Rude Graffitti

During a gentle walk from Tottenham Court Road back to St Pancras I began to spot a felt tip pen graffiti “artist” spreading their words of wisdom around Camden. This tagging style is not my favourite, but there was something mildly amusing, if a little risque at times…

If you are sensitive about swearing (aka “cuss words” for my American chums) then please look away now…

IMG_6364 IMG_6362
IMG_6344 IMG_6345
IMG_6341 IMG_6342
Nuff said really…

Rude Graffitti

Otto Schade

I first came across this artist during the three-week Tiger Tracks campaign in March for in conjunction with The Clinton Partnership, Born Free Foundation and hosted at St Pancras International Station.

His mixed media tiger image was on display in the station from 1st-21st March and was viewed, posed at and discussed by thousands of visitors, commuters and tourists throughout the month:


I wanted to find out a little more about the man behind the art and started following him on Facebook and then discovered he had an exhibition in Hoxton.

Otto allowed me to take a photo of each of his displayed pieces ranging from the arty to the surreal, the comic to the thought-provoking… Whilst I could not quite afford an original there was an array of good value prints for sale – and here’s Otto posing with the one that will be on display in my flat.


Keep an eye out for his work around East London too – including this piece on a wall nearby the gallery:


Otto Schade