Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective


My first wedding of 2014 – with the fabulous Sarah and Beaty – totally inspired me to write a number of blogs about weddings from a photographer’s perspective. During their planning, on the day and afterwards, we talked about so many things from format to special details, from budget to traditions and I drafted some blog posts to articulate a few further thoughts. Of course it’s my perspective and gratuitously ultimately I am looking to get more business, but I thought I would put it out there and start some debates – most of the posts will have a poll attached to gauge current thinking. I’m interested in comments and feedback, especially from other photographers and couples…

Here are the topics, probably in publishing order, and I’m planning to release one a week depending on interest! Select as many as you think:

Let me know if this could be interesting – I would not want to waste your time!

Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective

Happy Chappies in Real Nappies

I saw on Twitter that there was going to be a “#realnappyflashmob” meeting at The Betjeman Statue in St Pancras International Station at 11am today (Wednesday 11th December 2013) so I popped on down to find out more.

photoTurns out this was a gathering organised by Real Nappies for London – raising awareness of and encouraging take up for washable nappies. This is not something I had really given much thought about but there are some horrific stats:

  • The UK throws away 8 MILLION nappies a day into landfill
  • Nappies account for 4% of UK Household waste
  • A nappy for a new born will be changed up to 12 times a day
  • Household waste doubles when there is a newborn in the house; trebles if there are two


But can re-usable, washable nappies actually be a viable alternative? Are they convenient? Apparently, you get used to the routines and they can be washed in a machine at normal 40degree temperature; Are they cost-effective? Yes, over the full months of use. Do they work? The kids seem happy, the parents seem convinced and they are quite a fashion accessory!

SLP_0180-X2And who knew that local councils offer incentive vouchers? and at least seven North London Boroughs have a scheme in place? (including Islington Council representatives (pictured at the gathering today right) and, thankfully, my borough, Camden). Apparently giving out over 11,600 vouchers since 2007 has saved 7,000 tonnes of disposable nappy waste and this saves London taxpayers £1M! Now you are talking my language as someone who lives and works in London but does not have any children…

I was impressed by the commitment of this group – evangelising without patronising, doing their bit to save the planet and practising what they preach. Here are a few more pics from the St Pancras part of the day: Wishing you all the best!


Find out more about the Go Real National Campaign or visit Real Nappies for London 


Meeting an Olympic Legend

I was the tender age of ten when iconically bald and fabulously talented swimmer Duncan Goodhew won Olympic Gold in the Moscow Games in 1980. He was a legend then, and, as I discovered, is still – completely – a legend now.

Southeastern railway continued their fab idea of naming their Highspeed Javelin Trains after sporting heroes and today, Monday 10th June 2013, Duncan Goodhew MBE graced St Pancras International Station‘s platform 13 with his enigmatic and humourful presence.


He is gentle and the perfect professional. He is fab in front of the camera – bringing his Duncan (from Thomas the Tank Engine) book along…


…and amazing with children – who loved his medal!


He is known for his support as President of BT’s Swimathon and he’s also a keen supporter of Variety, the Children’s Charity for disadvantaged kids. Alongside being a dad, devoted husband and a thoroughly nice bloke too.

More photos here:

Meeting an Olympic Legend

Polly and Simon

I was so excited to be photographing a Spring wedding in St Pancras International Station (Saturday 6th April) and delighted that Polly and Simon were the wonderful, fun couple involved. It was a privilege to photograph their preparation, the ceremony, the fab afternoon tea (at Searcy’s Grand Brasserie) and their evening reception – all in and around the Station.

As an extra bonus I was approached by Camden Registry Office to provide images for publicising their Wedding and Civil Partnership services in the borough. With Mr and Mrs Quinn giving me the OK I provided a selection of images and now their photos can now be seen:

On the Camden Registry Office website:

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.47.30

In the Registry office on a pull up banner:

On the front cover of the Registry Office brochure:


AND on bus shelters all over Camden:

IMG_6352 IMG_6359 IMG_6363IMG_6292

Polly and Simon love their photos and we’re due to meet up in the near future to talk albums! I wish I could do weddings at St P everyday, wonderful!

Polly and Simon

This Guitar Man does his bit for animals


I met Jean-Pierre Danel at St Pancras International on the launch day of Tiger Tracks on Thursday 1st March. He was with Brian May and seemed to know him quite well. I was curious. So I started up a conversation.

Jean-Pierre is a French guitarist who has launched a charity to the benefit of animal rights, through France’s association for protection of animals, the SPA.

It turns out JP is an acclaimed musician and he shares his talents with fellow guitar legends Brian May and Hank Marvin. Danel duetted several times in the past with Marvin on record, and May expressed his great appreciation for Danel’s work in his last album booklet. Now, the three are reunited for a good cause.Well aware of Brian May’s involvement for animal rights, and his association Save Me, it was a natural move for Danel to ask for his participation. May accepted with enthusiasm and joined the project.

Danel’s idea is to put on an auction a unique life-sized art photo of the pride of his private guitar collection, one of the rarest electric guitar in the world: Miss Daisy, a 1954 preproduction Fender Stratocaster, estimated to be worth more than $200,000. The one-of-a-kind art photo has been signed by Danel, May and Marvin. Fender also offered two current Stratocaster models, both signed by the three artist

The auction will take place in Paris, at the classy Drouot international auction house, sometime before Christmas (exact date to be revealed soon).

And it’s all for a good cause

The SPA announcement for the charity :
Jean Pierre Danel’s web site :

Jean Pierre Danel – Biography

Jean-Pierre Danel is a French self-taught guitarist, record producer and composer. He is the instrumental guitarist with the biggest record sales in France. His album Guitar Connection hit the #1 spot in 2006,receiving a platinum disc, and he hit the charts with more than 20 album and 20 singles since the 80’s. In 2010, he released a charity duet album with various French and international guitarists, such as Hank Marvin, Albert Lee, Scott Henderson, Andy Powell, etc. The Top 3 hit got a gold disc.
As a producer, since 1989, his numerous releases sold 22.4 million copies, receiving 183 gold and platinum discs in various countries.
Also a Stratocaster fan, Danel wrote a book about his collection, that includes Miss Daisy, a scare 1954 preproduction model.

This Guitar Man does his bit for animals

Otto Schade

I first came across this artist during the three-week Tiger Tracks campaign in March for in conjunction with The Clinton Partnership, Born Free Foundation and hosted at St Pancras International Station.

His mixed media tiger image was on display in the station from 1st-21st March and was viewed, posed at and discussed by thousands of visitors, commuters and tourists throughout the month:


I wanted to find out a little more about the man behind the art and started following him on Facebook and then discovered he had an exhibition in Hoxton.

Otto allowed me to take a photo of each of his displayed pieces ranging from the arty to the surreal, the comic to the thought-provoking… Whilst I could not quite afford an original there was an array of good value prints for sale – and here’s Otto posing with the one that will be on display in my flat.


Keep an eye out for his work around East London too – including this piece on a wall nearby the gallery:


Otto Schade