Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective


My first wedding of 2014 – with the fabulous Sarah and Beaty – totally inspired me to write a number of blogs about weddings from a photographer’s perspective. During their planning, on the day and afterwards, we talked about so many things from format to special details, from budget to traditions and I drafted some blog posts to articulate a few further thoughts. Of course it’s my perspective and gratuitously ultimately I am looking to get more business, but I thought I would put it out there and start some debates – most of the posts will have a poll attached to gauge current thinking. I’m interested in comments and feedback, especially from other photographers and couples…

Here are the topics, probably in publishing order, and I’m planning to release one a week depending on interest! Select as many as you think:

Let me know if this could be interesting – I would not want to waste your time!

Weddings from a Photographer’s Perspective

Rude Graffitti

During a gentle walk from Tottenham Court Road back to St Pancras I began to spot a felt tip pen graffiti “artist” spreading their words of wisdom around Camden. This tagging style is not my favourite, but there was something mildly amusing, if a little risque at times…

If you are sensitive about swearing (aka “cuss words” for my American chums) then please look away now…

IMG_6364 IMG_6362
IMG_6344 IMG_6345
IMG_6341 IMG_6342
Nuff said really…

Rude Graffitti