Christmas is coming


I had a really interesting project last week… to take some photos of the Christmas Decorations that are going to be on display at a fantastic London venue, but actually before they are put up (so that the images could be used in some promotional material that will also be on display and it all matches and co-ordinates).

So, off I set out into drizzly Buckinghamshire to a small unit tucked away in the countryside to drop in to see The Christmas Decorators. The dressed tree in the reception area was fabulous and as I travelled upstairs it was great to see that pre-decorated trees were already stacked up and ready for delivery.

My fabulous host Clark had already created four decorated and LED-lit garlands for me to photograph which looked amazing. I saw over 30 boxes of baubles (each containing in the region of 500!) and my host explained that there was going to be 4,500 feet of garlands – each about 9 foot long surrounding the venue. It’s going to look great! I am told it takes around 15 minutes to do each one with an array of gorgeous baubles… and then two nights to put them up! The LED lights mean that the whole display can run off just one 13-amp plug and will cost just 19p per month on power. All the garlands – which come rolled up before they are “fluffed” – are fireproofed and made at their factory in China as are the various sizes of baubles that are also shatterproof.

So much detail and effort goes into these which can be months in the planning yet a key few weeks of actual prep and installation. And then of course people want everything out again by 6th January. I have a huge admiration for all those involved in the business of corporate and residential Christmas Decorations – have a fab Christmas!

Christmas is coming