This Guitar Man does his bit for animals


I met Jean-Pierre Danel at St Pancras International on the launch day of Tiger Tracks on Thursday 1st March. He was with Brian May and seemed to know him quite well. I was curious. So I started up a conversation.

Jean-Pierre is a French guitarist who has launched a charity to the benefit of animal rights, through France’s association for protection of animals, the SPA.

It turns out JP is an acclaimed musician and he shares his talents with fellow guitar legends Brian May and Hank Marvin. Danel duetted several times in the past with Marvin on record, and May expressed his great appreciation for Danel’s work in his last album booklet. Now, the three are reunited for a good cause.Well aware of Brian May’s involvement for animal rights, and his association Save Me, it was a natural move for Danel to ask for his participation. May accepted with enthusiasm and joined the project.

Danel’s idea is to put on an auction a unique life-sized art photo of the pride of his private guitar collection, one of the rarest electric guitar in the world: Miss Daisy, a 1954 preproduction Fender Stratocaster, estimated to be worth more than $200,000. The one-of-a-kind art photo has been signed by Danel, May and Marvin. Fender also offered two current Stratocaster models, both signed by the three artist

The auction will take place in Paris, at the classy Drouot international auction house, sometime before Christmas (exact date to be revealed soon).

And it’s all for a good cause

The SPA announcement for the charity :
Jean Pierre Danel’s web site :

Jean Pierre Danel – Biography

Jean-Pierre Danel is a French self-taught guitarist, record producer and composer. He is the instrumental guitarist with the biggest record sales in France. His album Guitar Connection hit the #1 spot in 2006,receiving a platinum disc, and he hit the charts with more than 20 album and 20 singles since the 80’s. In 2010, he released a charity duet album with various French and international guitarists, such as Hank Marvin, Albert Lee, Scott Henderson, Andy Powell, etc. The Top 3 hit got a gold disc.
As a producer, since 1989, his numerous releases sold 22.4 million copies, receiving 183 gold and platinum discs in various countries.
Also a Stratocaster fan, Danel wrote a book about his collection, that includes Miss Daisy, a scare 1954 preproduction model.

This Guitar Man does his bit for animals

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