Burger 3 – Liquor Meat Market

Burger number three…

You can see the scoring criteria here.


The venue – 17/20

It was buzzing inside – really busy and full of people of all ages and mostly good-looking ones at that. About a 52/48 MF split;
and it was noticable that boys ran the bar and girls were in charge of the waitressing. Call it my age but going from daylight into darkness lit by red light at 2pm is a bit tricky to deal with and almost impossible for the clear viewing of the menu. Music was eclectic and enjoyable, if a little loud at times

The service – 16/20

We were greeted quickly and invited to wait at the bar – the place was heaving and we were not the only ones waiting. We had a rather nice Bloody Mary in ice-cold pint jars and were almost finished when called to our bench. A few minutes to get the order taken and possibly a little longer than I wanted for delivery. Clear up was swift and bill request had to be made but happened pretty quickly after that.

The burger – 25/30

Our burgers were brought out on a tray with paper – a bit disturbingly like a McD – and the fries were in an enamel bowl. The bun as a little greasy on touch and although the burger was nice it was not obvious how well it had been cooked – it felt a bit overcooked on the outside and yet juicy and tasty on the inside. Nice amount of dripping and not too much pickle to overwhelm the taste.


Quirkies – 8/10

  • Loved the use of rolls of kitchen towl for napkins, there were hundreds on tables, at the bar and in a central “cage”
  • I could spend a day looking at the Decor in more detail. The paint, wording, street art and stencils were everywhere – loved this


Will I come back factor? – 19/20

Yes – although possibly not during the day; and definitely with friends. It is an experience you don’t forget in a hurry and one more likely to be had in a US city than just off Oxford Street.


Burger 3 – Liquor Meat Market

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