Are you sitting comfortably..?

…then I will begin.

A fabulous treat is now in store for weary commuters, shopping-bag-carrying tourists and passers-by at St Pancras Station: Greeting you at the top of the escalators by platforms 11-13 there are now some most unusual seats.

From left to right you have a blue bench, then a yellow one, followed by a black one, a green and finally a shiny red bench.

Is this ringing any bells yet? (‘Ringing’ was a clue by the way).


These fabulous ‘designer’ seats are the brainchild of High Speed 1, the owners of the station and the original commissioners of the majestic Olympic Rings that adorned the station from their royal unveiling in May 2011 until their sad dismantling in August 2012.

See ‘before’…


Then ‘after’…


An inspired idea to turn the sections of the rings into seats for travellers in the home city of the London 2012 Olympics, placed at the iconic start of the Javelin shuttle service for the Olympic Park as well as key routes to the other International stations at Stratford, Ebbsfleet and Ashford.

Well done HS1! For the commissioning the original rings enjoyed by MILLIONS over the months; as well as the quirky plan to create benches that will last for years. A real Olympic legacy.

PS If you have a spare one, I’d love a red one in my flat ;0)


Are you sitting comfortably..?

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