I am a die-hard Bruce Willis fan (do you like what I did there?) and it was without question that I would see him in a film. That said I was just not totally sure about the name of this one. Sounds a bit wimpy. But it isn’t, not at all. 

Whilst I like action movies/sci-fi future stories I have overdosed a bit on those recently (eg Batman and Total Recall) and also time-travel is a trickey subject which is hard to get right.

Anyways this is pretty good. It is set, as I found out later, in 2042 which explains why it’s sort of a bit like now, but got a few gadgets like the hovering bike. Like most portrayals of the future it’s sleazy and the future is far from bright, but at least it’s not raining all the time or dark. Oh and thank goodness for the M-Knight-like corn fields, no American fiction film is complete without that.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts in a solid performance but I am just not totally convinved that he ages up 30 years to Bruce Willis, but he’s not bad looking, so… The storyline is interesting and I did care what was happening and I kind of cared about the characters. Bruce acts a serious part well – although there is always a moment when you are expecting him to crack some joke. Emily Blunt was also pretty good but I did not need her to ‘call her mate’ when she felt frisky. Was that scene necessary?

The kid, Cid, played by Pierce Gagnon, was almost the star of the show for me. He’s dead cute – about seven – but is not irritating or annoying like most child actors you come across. I won’t say any more about him – you gotta see the film to see how he’s included.

The plot actually works, I think I debated it enough with anyone who wanted to hear my logic. 

Music was good, scenery good, effects good, violence about right.

I think my only real criticism was I did not feel Abe, played by Jeff Daniels was quite the right casting. That dropped it from 8 to 7/10. Oh and the Odeon cinema poster is totally PANTS – this machine appears in less than 20 seconds of the film – bad choice:


Watch the trailer here.


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