Gary Glitter at the Station

Walked past a small media frenzy outside a police station in Victoria – including a couple of cameras, a presenter or two and some familar logos of SKY…

All for a “man in his 60s” arrested today:


See the BBC take on the story.

Gary Glitter at the Station

Eat Your Heart Out

Not the usual thing you expect to happen at a central London hospital, but St Barts opened up their Pathology Museum and sold human body parts that you could eat and drink.


Before you call in the special van to come and take me away, it was a weird fund raiser for the hospital and they were displaying various cakes and sweeties made in the style of body parts but absolutely made for human consumption.

Apparently they open once a year and put on a display with a few leaflets to try and remind people about the importance of organ and blood donation.

There are a few more pics on flickr if you have a strong stomach!

Loved the association with Resident Evil 6 too:


Eat Your Heart Out

Christmas Lights on Regents Street

I wandered down Regent Street the other day and saw what could only be described as the crappiest decorations I have ever seen. So small you could hardly see them and it was almost embarrassing.

I made the comment, “Surely that can’t be it?”…

Do you see what I mean?:


Thankfully it was not it, there was another phase to come, “branches of decoration” to fill that weird space:


I can only assume phase three brings the full twelve days of Christmas theme alive… Watch this space, I understand the lights are due for the switch on on Tuesday 13th November!

Christmas Lights on Regents Street

The Harris Hawk

How cool is this? I got off the HS1 from Ebbsfleet at Platform 11 of St P (amazing service BTW) and I heard a man whistling. Nothing too odd about that, indeed no-one really cared. Then I sussed it…

After over nine months hoping to see it, I saw the bird of prey used to scare birds out of the station. And what a magnificent creature this Harris Hawk is:


I was sure they used hawks but had never seen one. I found out that the chap is actually a regular visitor to the station.

I’d have loved to have found out more, but the handler had been a little stressed at Platform 11 when the Hawk seemed more interested in the pigeons than coming back to the dead chick. I actually ran after him as he ran down the escalator, through the concourse and into the main “circle” to get the hawk swooping back. I caught up with him at the base of the escalator.

No time to speak, do not disturn, this bird is working!

The Harris Hawk

Does this make you feel sick?

Travelling in London varies from efficient, cost-effective and pleasant to hell-on-earth, delayed and over-priced – all depending on who you speak to and whether they are visiting or commuting. Whether people are first-timers or lifers.

I am more of the former – I love that you can get around pretty quickly, safely and never really have to wait that long. That said I don’t commute and I actively avoid Peak Times whenever possible…’cos I can.

Anyways, one thing I currently cannot tolerate is the new Metropolitan Line train. It’s shiny and new, bright and relatively clean. And it’s one long train made up of eight or so carriages connected by that bendy rubber stuff deemed so dangerous above ground on the former bendy buses…

It’s too bright – gives me a headache whatever the time of day; but more than that it feels like you are in some sort of terminal earthquake or in a gale force storm off the Scottish coast.

I challenge you not to feel the same watching my little snip of video from the other night:


Does this make you feel sick?


We popped over to see the Superhuman Exhibition at the Welcome Colleciton on Euston Road on Sunday (7th October). I love how this building uses its frontage to promote their exhibitions, so we’d been meaning to go for a while and we’ve been to many before so I was quite excited.

Then a lot disappointed.

I should remember that free exhibitions at the weekend are attended by everyone and everyone’s friends and families. It was busy and you could not really see anything close up and personal. It put me off and I only skimmed through the exhibition so probably did not do it justice and did not really understand what the whole thing was about.

However I bought a guide for £1 – and actually learnt more from that: