Are you a Fan fan?

Yes, I meant that.

There is a little-known museum tucked away in Greenwich dedicated to Fans and thankfully not the sports ones…


The Fan Museum does what it says on the door – there are hundreds of fans, framed and encased. Featuring mother of pearl, tortoise shell and ivory handles; silk and paper; dating from 1600+; made in China, Japan and France…

What impressed me were: the buildings – two floors of display, complete with fan-shaped outside garden and orangery with hand painted walls. And also the ladies loos which had won an award for their fab-ness – fans on the wallpaper, chair, soap dish… great attention to detail…

See more pics here.

Worth a visit – even if it does cost £4 per person. And there is a exhibition that changes three times a year to keep you coming back for more – currently it is a sports fan exhibition…like what they did there?

Are you a Fan fan?

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