Trip to the Thames Barrier

We chose the wettest day to take the longest bus trip (188 from Euston) out to North Greenwich. But the fact that the Thames Barrier exhibition was free meant it was worthwhile. I think.

If there had been somewhere suitable to hang out I could have watched the fork lightning over the barriers all afternoon, but actually torrential rain plus very loud clapping thunder made it pretty scary!


The exhibition is a little disappointing if the truth be known. I think the few people that braved the visit would probably only be satisfied if they got to go on one of the barriers…I know I would…

What did I learn? The Environment Agency employs 90 people to work on it full time; it has been raised over 100 times and three quarters of those times have been in the last 10 years. Apparently it is protecting millions of people, buildings and transport infrastructure places from potential disastrous flooding.

I actually enjoyed the walk back to the O2 more – there is a Tarmac site on our side, Tate and Lyle factory opposite and the cable car in the distance. The skies made for some fab colours and we even had a rainbow…aw, nice.

See all my pics from the trip on flickr.

Trip to the Thames Barrier

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