Paparazzi ??? Spice Girls

The other day I wandered into St P Renaissance Marriot Hotel to show it off to my parents who were in town for the morning. There was obviously an event being set up with press packs and stuff but as this happens all the time I did not think twice so we just carried on wandering.

About two hours later I returned to St P and spotted a crowd gathered behind a barrier so I stopped to ask what it was all about… The Spice Girls were back together 16 years after making the Wannabe video in St P to launch their new musical due to open in December. 

I had a choice – back to my desk to get on with some important work, or grab my camera and stand outside on the off chance I might spot a Spice. I opted for the latter. Meeting the fans was great fun – they were an eclectic bunch…


And my wait was worth it – I got Posh signing autographs only two foot in front of me (this was the only one of about thirty photos that came out OK!). Proud of it though!


Paparazzi ??? Spice Girls

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