BT Art Boxes Update

So the BT Art Boxes are out in a vengeance. 87 I am told, but there also seem to be a few duplicates about. I am already troubled by how many photos you need to take of each one – one per side, one of the plaque as a minimum. And they seem more spread out that the Elephants or Eggs, so I am almost defeated even before I have set out on the quest. I have taken a few – see them on flickr here.

I quite like the Metro-sponsored Giraffe one (they even had a competition to win an iPad if you got a great picture). That said, the only one that has really caught my attention so far is the plain black one outside St P. Partly of course because it is on my “front drive” but mainly cos it was wonky. Not just slightly out, but leaning tower of pisa does not even come close… This was how it looked day one:


It hurt your eyes as you were looking at it in context of the clock tower AND the lamp post – it did “light up” cos it was connected to the electricy but even so, it was so wrong.

Then “they” moved it along a bit and put a wedge under it to straighten it up. Disconnecting from the electricity and making it look like a sore thumb. But “they” came back and placed it back in the original spot, connected up and wedged straight. At last.

All this effort for a lump of plastic Art eh?!?!


BT Art Boxes Update

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