Traumatised at A&F

Can anyone please explain the appeal of Abercrombie and Fitch? Or should I say the Abercrombie and Fitch experience? I’m all for a nicely honed body – both male and female – but I have to say this “experience” overwhelms me and I thought I was pretty good with these things.

There are semi naked men inside and out, the staff are overwhelmingly friendly and they outnumber the customers 3:1. (By customers I mean teeenage girls).

When I walked past the other day there were 6-8 bare chested, flip-flop-wearing male models hanging around outside. If that was not enough to put you off, you could have your photo taken with two semi-naked bared-chested, flip-flop-wearing male models just inside the door. (I never felt so badly dressed and ruffled).

I feel my heart racing, not with lust, rather with a bit of stress and thumping to the drum and bass. Does this mean I am too old for this? In virtual darkness you are tranced around the several floors of brightly coloured and skimpy clothing with staff greeting you around every corner. I could not wait to get out. I would not be able to wear anything from here – guess I am not the right age (or shape) at all.

Definitely a place for teenagers, hen dos and Cougars, but not me… I was too scared to even take photos!


Traumatised at A&F

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