One Umbrella???two umbrellas???three umbrelli?

I spotted a discarded, broken black umbrella lodged onto the railings outside of the hotel at St P the other day.


I pulled it out and threw it in the bin.

Next day, another discarded, broken black umbrella appears a little further from the railings, flapping in the wind.

I picked it up and threw it in the bin.

Then I waited for my third one… nothing.

Thankfully though, just a day later a big black and white discarded, broken umbrella flapped its feable limbs at me at the bottom of the steps up to St P.  I picked it up, tried to crush it down and then threw it away.

There’s a sense of satisfaction when things happen in threes – why is that?

(I think the two guys looking at me crushing up the third one thought I was weird..).


One Umbrella???two umbrellas???three umbrelli?

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