Virgin London Marathon

I am in AWE of the 37,000 or so runners that dared to even start the 26 and a bit mile trek across London as I watched from the Embankment as they headed out of the City and onto the last few miles.

I saw the pace maker runner holding the 3hour 56minute placard (surely that must be tough to run at that speed, let alone carry a placard!): I saw a man literally “drunk” with dehydration stagger and sway to exhaustion and then, helped by spectators giving him water and a police woman escorting him onwards, he perked up and carried on!

The ranges really surprised me – the obvious “age” range; the “don’t judge a book by its cover” ability range – from elite and club to amateur and fun runner; the all sizes and all shapes range.

Everyone was there and after just a few hours most of them look like I do after walking up just one flight of stairs. I simply don’t know how they do it and amazingly I did note that women were more likely to be smiling?!? Wonder why, let alone how… In just a few minutes of watching you got the sense of these ranges. There were runners dressed as various fruit, veg and foodstuffs (and a world-record breaking pantomine horse duo): A number of Comedy/Superhero characters: Charity supporters and helpers were amazing: As were…the water providers: The Police and Paramedics…;The Road Crossing people – directing the flow of runners to allow people to cross from one side to the other…; The Foot Tag removers – after the finish line seeing the sweating runners herded through…; The Medal Distributors – how many did they end up giving out each?! Sight of the day – man in mankini. Too shocked to take a photo from the front, just caught him from the back: That MUST chaif… They all deserve medals!

Virgin London Marathon

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