Last of the Island Platforms!

For regular Northern line commuters at Clapham North and Clapham Common tube stations, all they probably care about is “when is the next train” and/or “will I catch it?”. They have, without a doubt, long since been oblivious to the fact they are standing on one of the last two remaining “Island Platforms” in the London Underground.

Yet these are amazing…Literally you stand in between two train tracks on a platform that is barely the size of a “normal” single one. It’s incredibly easy to see why London Underground phased these out. 


Mind the Gap just about covers the couple of feet of concrete in between the tracks. And then the tubes come. One comes from the north, one from the south and the doors open at a such a beautifully syncronised time that even Usain Bolt himself could not exit from one carriage to leap to the other (although, that I would pay to watch!).

It’s a wonder to behold. The rumble of the tubes coming in, the dash of people coming in or getting off, and then the rumble as the engines go their separate ways. Definitely worth taking a seat and letting a few trains go by to feel the experience – ‘cos who know how long this experience will continue..?

Clapham North:


Clapham Common:


See a few more pics on flickr (including the rather lovely uplighter lamps on the escalator).


Last of the Island Platforms!

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