Sunshine in The Park

With sun in the sky and temperatures over 19 degrees it was a great day to be out and about so I wandered around Regents Park (and I mean all around the park).

I used to work about quarter of a mile from here for about two years and I only ever went there a couple of times to play rounders with a few colleagues. Oh, and randomly my elder sister’s hen do was part spent on the boating lake here.

I knew there was an expanse of grass for footie, but had no idea what this place offered – 410 acres and London’s biggest open area for sports (100 acres). I did not know about the pre-bookable pitches or the tennis courts or The Hub.

I had no idea about the “Cow and Coffee Bean” dairy pub or the “The Honest Sausage” cafe:


I did not know there’s a lovely “English Garden”, with more benches than people (well, I sat on a long one for ages and only had company once in two hours). There are scuptured fountains and flowers and apparently one of the largest collection of roses…There’s even a fancy and functioning water fountain:


I walked around the southern perimeter of the zoo, saw some camels, and the ugly but fascinating buildings. I note that there’s due to be a tiger enclosure there in 2013… made me wonder what I thought about zoos and I recall visiting the zoo with my brother years ago and we were allowed behind the scenes in the reptile house…

There was a set of wooden-carved sculptures and paths everywhere.  Unusually there were loads of bins as well and surprisingly little rubbish.

The only think that you really did not want to see – but really could not avoid – was the exposed skin from all shapes and sizes of people – the guys playing footie were not so bad, but, what can I say, ahhh to be British!


Sunshine in The Park

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