The Most Expensive Coin in the World


For just two days only “the world’s most valuable coin” was on display at Goldsmiths Hall in the City of London and so I paid a visit.

It’s a $20 gold coin worth about £3K in gold weight (probably a lot less if you just took it to CashforGoldRUs), but it’s valued at about ten million times that if it was sold! Apparently it is one of only 10 still in existence, and the story is quite interesting…

What’s the fuss all about? I hear you say… it was minted in 1890 at the height of the depression in the US.

Apparently – according to the lovely London Mint chap who was guarding the coin – it has taken two and a half years to stage the exhibition which sees the coin going on a tour (or should I say “vacation”) around some key cities – first stop London, then Dublin (where the designer was born – although, sadly dieD before he saw the final design).

Interestingly the Goldsmiths Hall was under a “do not photo” clause – but I am going to see if I can make it back here in an official capacity as it is decandently luxurious – with 24ct gold leaf everywhere. The security guards for the Hall were really nice and friendly and told me that around 300 people can fit into this one room and on the official nights they bring out the Gold Plates which stand proudly at one end. 

There’s a trade show that happens around the end of September/beginning October and designers show off their gold and silver designs from jewellery to ornaments. Last year something sold for £30K but I am reassured there are purchases that might be a bit more down my street.

More pics on flickr

The Most Expensive Coin in the World

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