Chocolate and Colin Jackson – a beautiful combination


I was lured into a promotion in St P the other day – Cadbury is a lure, free chocolate is always nice and ultimately the chance to win not one but TWO Olympic tickets made me queue up to test my wits against the clock.

All you had to do was stop the clock at 20.12 seconds. you had two attempts and the adrenaline is fierce! I managed 19.84 on my first attempt and worse than that on my second. But what a buzz!

Then I did my stupid celeb thing – I went up to Colin Jackson of all people and said – “May I shake your hand?”… then added “it’s not often that you get to shake the hand of a hero”. What a knob I am – so glad he is SUCH a nice bloke…



Chocolate and Colin Jackson – a beautiful combination

Music to my Ears – the Station Sessions Festival


No need to travel to any clubs or stand in muddy fields – we have music festivals on our doorstep here in St P. The Station Session Festival has just started again (first night 22nd March).

I popped down on opening night in time to catch The Futureheads. There was such a huge crowd on ground level I viewed it from above and could not hear the speaking, but you could get a sense of the music (or rather singing –  why did they all have guitar-like objects around their necks then?). Check out the Youtube video to see for yourself:

It’s an interesting distraction. I’ll pop by again for an other dose another day as there will be over 100 performances, across six weeks and four stages. Watch this space…

Music to my Ears – the Station Sessions Festival

Filming in St P

I was just wandering around St P and I saw a camera, sound man and a couple of ladies walking up and down the side of the Eurostar. No-one famous as far as I could tell, but with my London-based confidence, I go up and talk to them to find out they are filming for a US property show. No chance of me watching that one then… stil had to take a pic though – always like to know what’s happening on my doorstep!



Filming in St P

Sunshine in The Park

With sun in the sky and temperatures over 19 degrees it was a great day to be out and about so I wandered around Regents Park (and I mean all around the park).

I used to work about quarter of a mile from here for about two years and I only ever went there a couple of times to play rounders with a few colleagues. Oh, and randomly my elder sister’s hen do was part spent on the boating lake here.

I knew there was an expanse of grass for footie, but had no idea what this place offered – 410 acres and London’s biggest open area for sports (100 acres). I did not know about the pre-bookable pitches or the tennis courts or The Hub.

I had no idea about the “Cow and Coffee Bean” dairy pub or the “The Honest Sausage” cafe:


I did not know there’s a lovely “English Garden”, with more benches than people (well, I sat on a long one for ages and only had company once in two hours). There are scuptured fountains and flowers and apparently one of the largest collection of roses…There’s even a fancy and functioning water fountain:


I walked around the southern perimeter of the zoo, saw some camels, and the ugly but fascinating buildings. I note that there’s due to be a tiger enclosure there in 2013… made me wonder what I thought about zoos and I recall visiting the zoo with my brother years ago and we were allowed behind the scenes in the reptile house…

There was a set of wooden-carved sculptures and paths everywhere.  Unusually there were loads of bins as well and surprisingly little rubbish.

The only think that you really did not want to see – but really could not avoid – was the exposed skin from all shapes and sizes of people – the guys playing footie were not so bad, but, what can I say, ahhh to be British!


Sunshine in The Park