Call the Design Police!

For those who are familiar with my posts you will know I often comment on safety cards on airplanes as I have time on my hands and I have been finding them rather amusing on my recent trips (read my blogs here and here).

Well, stop the train and call the design police I have an emergency onboard the London Midland!

As I sit and ponder I note that the poster is not straight, so that draws my attention. I then start to critique and try to stop myself but and drawn into the muted colours, the commands and lack of punctuation, the positioning of the image.

On it’s own it would be poor execution, a little amateurish and “I could possibly do better with powerpoint”, but when you compare it with the signage over the doors it makes every inconsistency stand out like a horribly sore thumb.

I present my case:

Exibit A: Commands v No commands

Exhibit B: Punctuation v no punctuation

Exhibit C: Colour issues

Exhibit D: Image issues



Call the Design Police!

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