It’s been a while since I went to Uni and I forgot about the concept of “Rag Week”. I vaguely recall that was an annual event that was all about getting drunk or raising money for charity or something.

So I was intrigued when I saw a posse of surgical-gown wearing people carrying a blue bucket and carrying a pineapple.


I must be getting old, cos they completely looked like babies. My initial reaction was god-help-us-all these are the surgeons and gynacologists of the future! They came closer as I was watching the Station Sessions bands at St P and carrying my big camera – guess they thought I might be press or something.

I decided to engage in conversation and had to ask how long they been studying, how old they were and what they were looking to specialise in (I am a hospital drama addict so I was ready for anything). The range was from palliative care to anesethics and first to fifth year. The oldest was a mere 23 and in his final year – OMG – he’s the one on the right! 


I could be his mum and I certainly would feel weird if I had him treating me, even for bunions!

I was told that I could stroke “Penelope the Pinapple” and if I was really good I could buy her for £25. Instead I opted to empty the coins out of my purse into their bucket. Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust (as per the TCT on the guys forehead)  I guess is a good thing, but just not quite worth £25!

See my Station Session photos on flickr.


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