Starbucks comes to Oslo!

Exciting times if you are a coffee lover or proud American citizen – Starbucks is now available in Norway with its inaugural outlet in Gardemoen Airport.


Sadly I did not have time to sample their wares on my rush through but it did look good and was really busy.

I did however manage to record two vital indexes upon which we gauge the state of the country’s economy: The Venti Latte index and The Small Filter Coffee index.

Noting down the prices in Norwegian Krones, (65 and 30 respectively) we can confirm that as of today’s rate that’s about £6.79 and £3.40! Essentially double the UK cost which sounds about right for everything here…

As I dashed back to the UK after a brief stop over, the Starbucks index in Denmark’s rather posh Copenhagen airport told a similar story, 51DKK and 25DKK (which they had been kind enough to also publish in Euros) equates to a slightly more reasonable but still Nordically shocking £5.81 and £2.85

I’ll be more grateful next time I order my “usual” at “the Office” in Princes Street. For a “mere” £1.50 I even get a free refill with my reward card…maybe I can get that little salted pecan and caramel slice naughty treat as well then?


Starbucks comes to Oslo!

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