Scandinavian Airlines Safety Card (737-600/700 card 76b)

I love scrutinising the safety cards on planes. I know the story they are telling, I just want to admire the way they interpret it. How many men v women, the colour of their clothes, facial expressions, how happy or stressed they look, how clear or not the instructions are etc.
I am in deep admiration for designers who have this brief, I would not know where to start given my artwork skills, but there are some real hooters on this card. I felt a need to share:

“XRay Dave” as I will call him can make fire or ice with his stare:


“Cowering Clive” looks ready for action in both the red light flashing and green arrow pointing race (incidentally he does not have a flashing light version on A319/card 31):


I know the face mask is not a fashion accessory, but this is not a good look for anyone let alone “Musseled Mollie”:


“Sleepy Sally” seems to have a hard time keeping her eyes open as she calmly puts on her life jacket:


However, “Floating Fred” is my personal favourite. Can I buy one of those from “Cloud Shop” the in-flight magazine!?!:


How the time is fun when you are flying!


Scandinavian Airlines Safety Card (737-600/700 card 76b)

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