Inspector Sands calling

Living at St P overlooking the Eurostar terminal is fascinating, amazing, surprisingly not noisy and occasionally a little scary.


First encounter with emergency sirens was at 11pm on 24th December. I jumped up, opened windows to hear better and got the gist that it was an evacuation emergency. Given it was Christmas Eve and I knew that the next day was the only time the station was ever closed, I decided to ignore the warning and go back to bed. The following day I read the notice telling me about it ;0).

A week or so ago was different. Sirens went off around 10pm on Sunday, possibly the same time Monday and pretty sure on Tuesday too. The warning sirens are unmissable, but the message was different this time… Something about “Would Inspector Sands please report to the station office” or words to that effect…. 

For some inexplicable reason I thought I’d heard something about this being a coded message and looked up more info on Wikipedia… 

It’s true, there was some kind of code – either a bomb alert or incident. I actually think it was either a test or a tech fail on Sunday as the announcement was repeated a few times, but seeing people still milling around without a sense of panic was reassuring enough to let me go back to sleep, easily.

That said It does remind me of the heightened risk of being in an international location that’s had it’s fair share of incidents over the years. And this is a pretty important year for London being right in the public eye of the good, the bad and the ugly. But I am seriously loving LivinginLondon2012!


Inspector Sands calling

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