Happy Travels in London

I just have to share my travel experience from the other morning. London and Heathrow get such bad press on traffic and delays that I thought it would make a pleasant change to have a good experience story….

I had to go to Oslo this morning. I needed to be on a 7.20am flight, supposed to be at the airport for 6.20 and the plane was due to board at 6.55am.

All good so far.

Except, the first Piccadilly line train at Kings Cross was not until 5.39am and with about an hour travel time, that was pushing me a little too close to boarding time and not allowing much margin of error. I don’t want to be late. So I needed to find an alternative and researched taxis on google.

Found one, quoted £35 one way and booked it, yesterday. And even though they’d taken the money from my credit card they emailed to cancel me about an hour later! Great. At least they refunded me, apparently.

Then I came across Blackberry Cars. I was not desperately impressed with their website (font fest), but I emailed for a quote. Response back in minutes, taxi available and £30. I booked and crossed my fingers.

Alarm at 5am (I could not do this every day!), shower and get ready. Downstairs at 5.20am and the taxi was there, and he even called to confirm. We left 5.26am and I walked into Terminal 3 at 6am! Impressed. Traffic was good of course, car was carefully driven and it was a hybrid that kept telling us that either the battery or fuel was allowing it to run at 99.99 miles per gallon! Efficient, clean and good. thoroughly recommended!

And what’s more, I sailed through departures and was in Starbucks getting a flat white at 6.10am.


Even my flat white was extra hot without asking. can the day get any better!?

Happy Travels in London

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