Sam Super Nanny – Half Term Bad Parenting Rant


People that know me know I don’t have kids (I could not eat a whole one); but yet I am the perfect parent. I am wise and all knowing. I could put Supernanny to shame on knowing the right thing to do to stop your lovelies from crying, bed wetting, being fussy eaters, not sleeping or being naughty; and encourage the to be perfectly behaved, polite and respectful doing everything they are told with a smile and a spring in their step.

Honest, ask my siblings about being favourite auntie…

So I feel I can easily point out what is – in my opinion – the epitome of lazy parenting; and I’d like to open this up to debate as I am keen to see whether I still have any Facebook friends after this:

I believe that any parent who takes their child to the Science Museum (probably any museum) on the FIRST Saturday of the half term is a lazy and uncreative parent who cannot think of a better way to entertain their child(ren). 

I do see the benefits such as warmth, easy access toilets and entertainment for free; copious food areas and seating. But with babies in pushchairs, toddlers unable to read and high energy youths who just want to climb on, push, press and shout at everything..?

You are making it a horrible experience for people without kids…

I get the idea of taking your lovelies to museums on the LAST Saturday, when you’re going stir crazy after being immersed back into parenting and possibly wishing you were back at work, but the first Saturday?

To discuss…

(BTW Lucy, see you in a few weeks with the kids. We’re going to the Science Museum)

Sam Super Nanny – Half Term Bad Parenting Rant

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