Call the Design Police!

For those who are familiar with my posts you will know I often comment on safety cards on airplanes as I have time on my hands and I have been finding them rather amusing on my recent trips (read my blogs here and here).

Well, stop the train and call the design police I have an emergency onboard the London Midland!

As I sit and ponder I note that the poster is not straight, so that draws my attention. I then start to critique and try to stop myself but and drawn into the muted colours, the commands and lack of punctuation, the positioning of the image.

On it’s own it would be poor execution, a little amateurish and “I could possibly do better with powerpoint”, but when you compare it with the signage over the doors it makes every inconsistency stand out like a horribly sore thumb.

I present my case:

Exibit A: Commands v No commands

Exhibit B: Punctuation v no punctuation

Exhibit C: Colour issues

Exhibit D: Image issues



Call the Design Police!

Sign of the Times

I’ve been fascinated by this sign that you see on most tube carriages across the Transport for London network…


I love the simplicity of the graphics. It’s a bit like the safety card you get on flights and it’s got to be easy to understand whatever your nationality and regardless of whether you can read or not.

We all know what it means but have you actually read it..?

“For people who are disabled, pregnant or less able to stand”

Now, the pictures seem to represent: a pregnant woman, a woman with a child and a man with a walking stick. 


Sign of the Times

Cloud statues?

Goldington Crescent Gardens is on my through route to Camden so I am normally on a mission, but today I decided to take photos of the three blobby statues that have caught my eye three times already this year.

I guessed they were clouds and then found a blog that had confirmed this was indeed the case and good old Camden had spent £40K on them.

Thanks to London Walker for researching and documenting the correct info – you can check out their blog (it’s better than mine!) and they describe the sculptures better (and slightly more kindly) than I was going to.Reminds me a little of Warwick Univeristy where they ran out of money for books but spent it on sculptures that caused no end of protests, sit-ins and abuse from the students way back then ;0)


Cloud statues?


It’s been a while since I went to Uni and I forgot about the concept of “Rag Week”. I vaguely recall that was an annual event that was all about getting drunk or raising money for charity or something.

So I was intrigued when I saw a posse of surgical-gown wearing people carrying a blue bucket and carrying a pineapple.


I must be getting old, cos they completely looked like babies. My initial reaction was god-help-us-all these are the surgeons and gynacologists of the future! They came closer as I was watching the Station Sessions bands at St P and carrying my big camera – guess they thought I might be press or something.

I decided to engage in conversation and had to ask how long they been studying, how old they were and what they were looking to specialise in (I am a hospital drama addict so I was ready for anything). The range was from palliative care to anesethics and first to fifth year. The oldest was a mere 23 and in his final year – OMG – he’s the one on the right! 


I could be his mum and I certainly would feel weird if I had him treating me, even for bunions!

I was told that I could stroke “Penelope the Pinapple” and if I was really good I could buy her for £25. Instead I opted to empty the coins out of my purse into their bucket. Raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust (as per the TCT on the guys forehead)  I guess is a good thing, but just not quite worth £25!

See my Station Session photos on flickr.