Bring me sunshine!

I was told about this in the morning and hoped to squeeze it in – a PR stunt where a massive glowing “sun” (lit up balloon ball thing) was due to “rise” at dawn and “set” around 7.30pm in Trafalgar Square. All in order to radiate a warm glow to bring happiness on (alledgedly) the most depressing day of the year. They were even laying on deck chairs.


Now I’ve become a little cynical about PR stunts and I am also beginning to get fed up about being the last to find out about fun or amazing things happening in London, but I decided to make the effort to brave the chill wind and set off about 6pmish. I even read about it in the Evening Standard whilst I was en route…

Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Very surprised, in fact.

It was a great idea. A big glowing ball of light obviously like a sun near to setting. Loads of people were taking photos of course, some sat gazing whilst chilling in the deckchairs. Lots of smiles, laughter and happiness.


From a PR perspective this was well-organised and well-publicised. Nicely timed, great idea and loads of branding everywhere. I even got a free bottle – which I drank – (impressed they still had stock) and the field staff were really friendly and represented the brand really well…


I felt good – content and happy, I’d had one of my five a day and feel warm and cuddly about the brand.

BTW you can “Like” the Tropicana Facebook page and you can win prizes…the glow continues…

More pics on flickr.

Bring me sunshine!

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