My First Paparazzi Premiere – War Horse

Leicester Square, Sunday 8th January 2012 and there’s a buzz in the air as well as a faint whiff of manure. We knew the film was due out, but it was not until I’d seen Ali Bannister ‘s Facebook post that I realised the Premiere was this afternoon and Joey was going to be there, Oh, and Steven Spielberg.

So, we just had to go and see what all the fuss was about.


About 4pm the crowds had started gathering, the red carpet was being laid and spookily I met Ali Bannister‘s mum! 


I was trying to capture people watching people and spotted a lady being interviewed by LBC, then was asked to be interviewed by myself. For a moment I had to pretend that I was a bit intellectual and read something into the Steven Spielberg animal story, and I think I just about pulled it off – I will update this page if the interview does appear!

Anyways. Before people started arriving you could actually wander up to the red carpet so I did and asked the guy with the red carpet van whether I could have a bit. I did get a bit ;0) – and will be sending a piece onto my very giddy friend Irene Payne who is a little Horse-obsessed to say the least.


“Joey” (one of two that was brought along today) was then walked down and back right in front of us. A brave horse given the mad crowd and flashing cameras, remarkably well behaved.


So then the guests started to arrive in their blacked out Mercedes. I saw Steven Spielberg and he was pretty much the only celeb I noticed without prompting.


I caught a glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch’s chin as he was driven past – but snapped him a little later and then saw a couple more celebs who I sort of recognise but cannot recall their names (help please).


Then “Olly” walked by to screams from people near me and I gather he might have been from “Made in Chelsea”?!?!


I enjoyed seeing the service men and women as they filed past. I gave them a gentle clap and felt a sense of pride. 


The Chelsea Pensioners were there again. I will say no more.


But the “money shot” was worth waiting two hours in the rain for – as Kate and William sped past in the drizzle I snapped away and amazingly a recognisable photo of the beautiful princess smiling away was manefested. Proud moment.


Oh, and there was a free-for-all ripping off the posters after – I did ask a policeman and he said it was OK. So I have two – one for Irene Payne…

My First Paparazzi Premiere – War Horse

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