Cryptic Exhibition

Time on our hands again, so quick trip to the local church and into the the crypt gallery at St Pancras Parish Church for a local artist’s exhibition.

London Souls is an exhibition of paintings by Ed Gray. To sum up Gray’s style, I would say he is an observer of Londoners from all walks of life:  all colours, all ages, all professions – from police and prostitutes to footballers and waiters. There’s lots of attention to detail, including a plethora of fag butts and graffitti and facial expressions that tell the story.

Whether it’s on Oxford Street or on a Bus or tube, the locations are pretty recognisable and the vibrant colours and fish eye distortion of the view point is a unique style that you either love or hate.

It is certainly an interesting perspective and a nice place time to spend a half hour for free.

The Crypt itself if of course fabulous. On the outside it’s statuesque magnificence can occasionally be caught in the brilliance of the sun and inside it’s eerie stone coldness and curious cubicles makes you think you are in a chateaux wine cellar not beside some of the 557 “residents” that are still homed there.


Cryptic Exhibition

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