New Present!

How fab is this present from my friend? It’s so bad, it’s FAB.


She works for a company that makes whatever you want out of plastic – from bin bags to Christmas decorations! 

Available from Matalan I am told ;0). 

New Present!

Kate and Jason’s Wedding

Huge Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Atkinson on their fabulous 1st October wedding day. 

I’m delighted to share the day with you with hundreds of photos capturing the magical moments as they happened.

To view them, all you have to do is set up a free Truprint account, by clicking Truprint. (If you do decide you want to order some prints, you get 50 free ones!).

Then you can click here to view the full collection – and add your own for others to see – or on the individual links below to see each of the sections from the wedding:

The Bride Prepares… click here to view


The Ceremony… click here to view


Wedding Breakfast… click here to view


Evening Reception… click here to view


Kate and Jason will have all the images on DVD or I can email you individual shots if you’d prefer. If you like what you have seen, please let me know (and if you don’t, also please let me know!).

Plus, if you are interested in photography for a wedding, portrait session, party or event, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you at or call me on 07708 247248.

Kate and Jason’s Wedding

Byte Night – The morning after the night before


There were highs and lows last night…

Highs included not bidding in the auction (where I ended up buying a £220 Donkey photo canvas last year); great company with people old and new; and managing to reach my £500 milestone after only two weeks of fund raising – thank you EVERYONE!

And then the lows: it was raining heavily during the day, it was cold and I was not feeling 100%…I was actually really dreading going when I looked outside my window at home:


Anyways, I arrived at the magnificent Apex Plaza in Reading just before 6.30pm and checked in as number 14 out of 130 sleepers. 


We were given a big bag to put all our stuff in. I travelled lighter than last year, but was sure I had a good plan. I found my team – essentially mainly from Dell and headed up by Byte Night Board member Nicola Bogle. We found a spot on the tables and got to know each other. 


As I tend to do these days I told everyone about Field Agent and got a couple of people to download it. We had presentations and DVDs, the Silent Auction prizes appeared on screen and I read through the programme – loving the fact I got a few mentions for attending and donating a raffle prize ;o)


We were given a tasty hot meal of chilli and rice and one kind soul had made 150 cupcakes which were fab (I only had one, decided on signature cake “red velvet” over the purple icing).


The football was on show on one side of the building, a quiz was running on the other – almost a pure male female split. But the quiz, presented by “Celebrities” was a bit random and filled with football questions and random “no news day” snippets like “how much did David Cameron tip his waitress in Tuscany” and “how much did Boris Johnson fine Barack Obama for congestion charges?”. We thought our team “Dell Dolls and a Bloke” would win, especially with some serious smartphone mis-use, but I don’t think we were even in the top three (out of five) despite getting nearly all the questions right! Oh well, it’s the taking part…


Half way through the footie we were honoured by a speech by Reading Football Club Manager. I asked if they had a women’s team (yes) and then asked if they paid them (no). “But I guess we should really” (no, really?!). I entered the raffle, did a football sweepstake (why?, for charity) and donated my free drink vouchers to the needy as I supped on tap water…

One of the team was called by their friends who were outside and wanted to wish her luck – she returned with a “survival kit” complete with a can of Gin and Tonic, loo roll and a “SheWee”:


I did some tweeting, took some bad pics (sorry Pentax, your time is limited now) and someone very dear to me told me that it was raining outside – cheers for that! I made him sponsor me £100 after that gem ;0):


About 11pm we went outside. Across the road and into Forbury Park. Dark except for the bandstand and the St John’s Mobile Unit (warm and well equipped) and two portaloos. Quiet except for the generator and the noise of giddy and slightly inebriated people. (Apparently St John’s had an alcohol-related “incident” to deal with at 3am after a hill rolling dare?!?).


We found a spot under a tree (probably the smallest inthe whole park), got a ground sheet and our Byte Night over bags, red fleeces, umbrellas and night caps and set up camp. This was my home for the night:


There was a pizza auction at midnight, not that anyone was hungry but somehow we found space, and then we decided to settle down…hmmm. I layered up , snuggled down and thought – not too bad, not too cold, not wet, not windy, I will sleep well.

How wrong could I be?

It started with a coughing fit – washed down with Honey and Lemon brought by our team “mum”. Every toss and turn in the bag crackled like an oversized crisp packet. I heard drunken giggles, the generator and the clock chime every hour 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5am. I was cold and just could not get comfortable. I had a headache, probably from lack of coffee! I heard people get up, move, cough, fart and snore. I probably did all that too. 

Yep. It was THE worst night’s “sleep” I have ever had.

And then everyone was up at 6.30am. I actually must have slept between 5.30am and then cos I did not recall the 6am chime and did not hear the dawn chorus which apparently woke others. All the team were up and about. Some had already had their bacon butty and coffee. I felt too rough for that, but got up, packed up, said my goodbyes and then set off for the train. Never thought I’d say: “gotta dash, need to get the three minutes to seven train” on a Saturday. Ever!

A fun time, but harder than I thought.

There’s still time to donate and thank you to everyone who has supported me – emotionally and financially!

Byte Night – The morning after the night before

Byte Night – Action for Children


Tonight I am sleeping outside under the stars (and probably in the rain) for Byte Night – Action for Children.

Last year it was the mildest October night on record and it was a doddle – especially with the few glasses (/bottles) of red wine I consumed throughout the evening.

This year it has just rained torrentially for about half an hour – see the view from my window:


Suddenly this is not funny any more (not that it really was in the first place).

I am planning to be quite active on the social networks tonight – the blog, Facebook and Twitter, trying to get a few more pennies in for the team (and I don’t want to be the one with the lowest amount!).

If anyone has any brilliant ideas on what I can do to get more cash (and no, I am not going to run around the Park naked), please let me know…

To sponsor me click here.

Byte Night – Action for Children