Cat Booker – Balance Splash


Cat Booker – Balance Splash

Beautiful Statue


I just love this statue – so elegant and beautiful. What are they saying, what is the story? In my ignorance I did not even note down what it was called or who created it. If anyone is passing by the Ashmolean museum in Oxford, do drop by and check it out…

Beautiful Statue

Gym Fever – Part 2 “The Spin Class”


It was years ago that I last got on a bike and the prospect of cycling for fitness filled me with dread. I then discovered “Spin” and now I love it. I also got a bike for my birthday in 2010 and cycle to the gym come rain, snow or shine and love that too. I’m not really sure why I like it, I just feel that the workout is intense and rigorous. I sweat like a PIG and I believe that you lose about three pints during one session! I hardly have any breath to talk; that said, there are plenty of the “WI” types that seem to natter all the way through.

The funniest things are really the characters you get to see:

  • One instructor I refer to as the “Music Nutter” – I swear he does not make eye contact with anyone. But the music is loud loud loud.
  • Another instructor seems to think that giving 110% resistance is a hard work out – this gets me every time as it out actually be an impossible work out as 100% resistance would be stationary…
  • The Olympic Amazonian is the same character I see in Body Pump. Turns out she trains rowers…
  • Sweaty Older Gent – there aren’t many blokes in any of the classes, but spin is probably the most likely place to see them. This chap is older – maybes 60s – but fit as you like. His only issue is his sweating – way more than me and requiring a mattress of hand towel around him to mop up. Last time he got the bike next to me I was dripped on…gross!
  • The “German Towel” brigade is made up of anywhere between 1 and 5 people who pre-select their preferred bikes and leave water bottles/towels draped over them to claim “Ownership”. I am dying to move them around to see if they notice ;0)

Fun Factor: 6/10 – I cannot describe it as “fun” per se, but…

Fit Factor: 9.5/10 – best cardio by far (and only 45minutes!)


Gym Fever – Part 2 “The Spin Class”