I was hoping this was a Banksy…


This appeared recently in Henley town centre…it seems there is a Banksy wannabe in town…

I was hoping this was a Banksy…

Gym Fever – Part 1


I joined LA Fitness in June 2010 and I love it. This local gym is one of my favourites ever and it is surprisingly good value – £35.23 per month (yeah, the VAT increase messed up the round numbers). Just for information I am the Foursquare Mayor – meaning I’ve been 20+ times in the last two months and no-one is going to oust me! I like the classes rather than having to motivate myself in the gym, although I did pay for a Personal Trainer (more about that later).

Basically I have tried every class on the timetable – more or less – and needless to say I have something to say about all of them ;0). I thought I would tell you about them one by one, starting with one of the first classes I did there…hope you enjoy!


I did this back in June time and went to the Monday 11am class after Body Pump at 9.30am. I was really challenging myself to go swimming and back then I was keen to lose weight and so tried out everything! Laura was the instructor and I really liked her style. She’s since left, just after I filled out a questionnaire saying she was my favourite instructor (wonder if that is related?).

Anyways back to the class. Really surprisingly good exercise – the resistance through the water made what looked like really easy movements turn out to be really quite tough! I particularly enjoyed the foam floatie thing that added yet more resistance. I swear I was either out of breath or sweating most of the time (nice). And the music was normally sing-a-long good too, bits of Abba, Blondie and the like.

I was the youngest participant by about 20 years I reckoned; but didn’t mean the oldies weren’t up for a good work out and even some banter and mucking around.

The funniest thing – seeing all the hats. At LA Fitness wearing a hat is compulsory, I don’t really mind and some of the fluffy pinks, rubbery flowers and wild designs made me giggle every time.

The weirdest thing – having to hold hands as we made a circle. I’m not one for touching in the gym at the best of times and trying to focus on your own movement whilst holding hands with someone who is trying to go in the wrong direction at snails pace is really quite irritating.

Fun Factor: 7/10

Fit Factor: 7.5/10

Gym Fever – Part 1