LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Four of the Epic Journey

Today it seems like I am making the top of the dome – the Taj is coming to life! I decided to make a start at just after 8pm.
The first pieces always seem weird as the infrastructure always seems to be made out of red pieces. There are a lot of fiddly white pieces in this and I have to make two sets at the same time.


It looks good though, when I add the first two sides to the base of the dome. No time to stop and admire as it’s a case of getting the remaining two sides sorted and set. Doesn’t take too long, and looks rather cool.


I guess I had wondered how the top bit got to be so round, and here is the special “life-buoy type thing” with “beige one grabby things” attached – apparently this looks like the contraption Jean-Luc Picard sprouted on his face once the Borg had got him… 


Despite all this excitement I definitely have a sense that I have messed up as the pieces don’t quite seem to look right. I removed, checked and re-checked against the pictures. And I get a second opinion, but decided that this is one for another time – and so the dome remains in pieces for the time being…


But I just could not resist making a start on the next bit…
Four more sets again. And this time with the strange white bits I wondered about since the moment I first saw them.


Mood: Tired and a little annoyed I think my dome is wrong.
Excitement factor: 7/10.
Total Time: 3hours 41minutes

LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Four of the Epic Journey

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