LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Four of the Epic Journey

Today it seems like I am making the top of the dome – the Taj is coming to life! I decided to make a start at just after 8pm.
The first pieces always seem weird as the infrastructure always seems to be made out of red pieces. There are a lot of fiddly white pieces in this and I have to make two sets at the same time.


It looks good though, when I add the first two sides to the base of the dome. No time to stop and admire as it’s a case of getting the remaining two sides sorted and set. Doesn’t take too long, and looks rather cool.


I guess I had wondered how the top bit got to be so round, and here is the special “life-buoy type thing” with “beige one grabby things” attached – apparently this looks like the contraption Jean-Luc Picard sprouted on his face once the Borg had got him… 


Despite all this excitement I definitely have a sense that I have messed up as the pieces don’t quite seem to look right. I removed, checked and re-checked against the pictures. And I get a second opinion, but decided that this is one for another time – and so the dome remains in pieces for the time being…


But I just could not resist making a start on the next bit…
Four more sets again. And this time with the strange white bits I wondered about since the moment I first saw them.


Mood: Tired and a little annoyed I think my dome is wrong.
Excitement factor: 7/10.
Total Time: 3hours 41minutes

LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Four of the Epic Journey

LEGO Taj Mahal – Day Five of the Epic Journey


Could this be the final push? Most of book two and all of (the albeit small) third booklet. And all on my own… I’m still full of cold and feeling a little sorry for myself, so I put on my PJs, put the TV on in the background and surrounded myself with the little boxes of joy… For the record I think I watched Jurassic Park 1 and 2, or 2 and 3, (they are all the same)… I felt confident and almost excited as I set about the main part and I have to make four sets of everything, which has become somewhat of the norm. So I dig out all the parts (all the white pieces are now sorted into individual bags – hoorah!). My strategy is to build the first piece from the instructions and the remaining three from the first – then check against each other and then the image.


I even manage to use both hands at the same time and am becoming a bit ambidextrous if the truth be known.


Lots of white pieces and lots (and lots) of little transparent 1s. The windows are hideously complex. I then get to use the dark red long pieces and the strange grey gate-like pieces. I had no idea where they would end up and I was even more surprised when they ended up vertical as the surrounds for the massive arches. All looking pretty impressive.


Another phase completed, but no rest for the wicked. The four pieces to link the arches together – finally it is taking shape.

Then the linking elements. The structural insides on the base – which did look a bit flimsy to start with:


– and then the brown floor/ceiling layer finally getting to use up the pieces that were taking up space in the coloured box. 


Not many pieces left… I feel ever more motivated…


I think I took a twenty minute break for some grub. But I cannot remember what it was ;0)

Mood: Jubilant (if annoyed I did not take a pic of the final piece)
Excitement Factor: 9.5/10. It’s always a bit sad when something comes to an end…
Total Time: 10.02am to 4.25pm – 6hours, 23 minutes

What’s next? Well, Taj was sitting on the sofa in the lounge so I could walk past and admire it. I then Nancy the shout that it’s done and she came round to view:


With coffees to slurp, four of us set about dismantling and it took 1 hour 20 minutes!!! Those darn window bits were a nightmare!

PS These are the remaining pieces – how many pieces will be left after Nancy and Maya have had a go..?


LEGO Taj Mahal – Day Five of the Epic Journey