Christmas Food Adverts

Christmas is about the story of Christ, the Nativity etc etc. Scrap that, it’s about over indulgence and eating way, way too much.

Queue the Food Ads.

OMG this year it’s insane, the supermarkets are having a bargain basement sale – did I really just see Asda selling their canapés for £1



This season’s theme is have a load of pretentious kids in white coats asking questions and pretending they are listening to the answers. Today,  “Excuse me please can you tell me where the baker is?” They talk to a busy baker lady (Bakeress?) and ask her what she is doing. I managed to hear “kneading”, but I think the kid struggles with the word “proving”? Surely they should have re-taken that shot? Sadly they are asked: “Do you want to have a go” – please no!! They proceed to make a pigs ear of spreading the mixture all over themselves. The reaction they get from me – avoid those cakes like the plague. The only saving grace about the 2010 series of ads is that it they told me Morrisons sources locally – especially meat. That helped their overall WTF score…

Corny end-line too: “’Grandad’ type character says “Ah Panetone, that comes from Italy”, smug kid replies “no it doesn’t it comes from Morrisons”

WTF Factor: 3.5/5

Plus the mini ads:

All these Cadburys biscuits are all half price or better

Right now delicious party food from just £1


Marks and Spencers

Now I love Caroline Quentin and I am all in favour of the £10 Meal Deals that M&S do so well; but this ad does push me away…

Desserts that look like sandwiches? Why and WTF?

WTF Factor: 3/5

(Using Peter Kay in the clothes ads has kept a fond place in my heart for M&S though…)


ICELAND – yes, this deserves to be in shouty capitals

OMG Where do I start? They only went and sponsored XFactor so I saw the ads so many times I have lost count and my hatred ran deeper and deepr at each one

Jason Donovan? Why did they bother?

Can canning “mothers”, singing “That’s why mums go to Iceland” Really?, which mothers? Not the pretty ones in the ads, that’s for sure.

The food photography – probably the worst I have ever seen. Obviously cold, not even some token fake steam, very unappetising indeed. I know that food photography is actually quite tricky, but I reckon I could lash up some better shots in my kitchen!

Man says to his kid as mum comes out of the photo booth “Your mum’s still got it”. WTF sexist, patronising, stereotypical. Ouch, Ow and why?

Woman puts hands in concrete a la Broadway stars. No way – why has he left one single paving slab space, middle of the patio, fresh concrete, WTF?

Then wipes it on her “husband’s” t-shirt. No way. No woman would ever do that knowing that she’d be the one to wash it. WTF

WTF Factor: 0/5. Simply cannot give it a score. Sack the agency, probably the worst series of adverts I have ever, ever seen.



Northern woman (well, HQ is in Leeds) reading from an autocue tells us all about the fantastic £40 vouchers you get, extended even further etc etc.

I lost the plot and I am really bored of all the 2 for 1 or half price products laid out in a white studio with panning camera shot. There’s probably a whole planning team responsible for which product goes where. It’s so standard, so dull… C’mon ASDA surely you can do better?

WTF Factor: 1/5. Vouchers won’t incentivise me to go to ASDA, ever.



Hmmm, I think they use the same panning shots as Asda. Would have liked to see something more creative from them.

WTF: 2/5



Sinister music features for Sainsbury’s this year – bread of heaven sung by an aged Welsh choir. Doesn’t summon up Christmas, rather funeral, eerie and sad. Photography dark and dreary but the food actually looks relatively good. And nice Christmasy look and feel.

WTF: 2.5/5 would have scored an extra point with more uplifiting music.







Christmas Food Adverts

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