LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Three of the Epic Journey

LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Three of the Epic Journey.

For some reason we decided to have a LEGO session after having been to the cinema (The Tourist, 5/10) AND had a Catherine Tate-esque TGI Friday meal. It was a 9.30pm start – frankly I could have gone to bed after thant but no, we set out on phase three.

This should have been relatively simple…


Double ups right from the start – basically the same set up as we have done before. How could we go wrong really. Well, easily it seems. For some reason I was rubbish, not just one but three pieces in the wrong place after only a couple of instructions. It was not meant to be. But we continued and persevered knowing our destiny lay on page 45 with the completed base. So I cost us time in having to undo sections, but the curves that had plagued me so badly in the previous section were a breeze this time.


Plus I had worked out a sub-system for the whites – using a bowl to contain all the little pieces so instead of searching through 2-3,000 pieces when we needed one little piece, I could just empty the bowl on the table and find it by searching through a couple of hundred…


So with eye strain, a bit of a headache and much yawning we finished. Hoorah! But instead of just walking away a move was made and we managed to break one section off. The base had come away and the structural insides flew all over the floor. Blinking marvellous! I am SO glad it wasn’t me that did that.

Decided to leave repair until the morning.


Slept well, but did dream about being in the Taj Mahal (LEGO version).

Finish time: Page 45 (of 79) in Book One (of three) completed by 11.30pm (2 hours).

Mood: Fatigue

Experience rating: 5/10

More to come…

LEGO Taj Mahal: Day Three of the Epic Journey

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