Filming in the street


We’ve been hosting a film crew in our street today. There’s a new ITV drama coming out in the New Year called ‘Point of Rescue’. Read more on the release:

I have to say I have been very impressed with the prep. We’ve had two letters and a personal visit from Hat Trick about parking disruptions and they organised secure alternative parking… I am just sad that one neighbour refused to co-operate and move their car, but the other 200 households obliged!

Rumours were rife that Jude Law was going to make an appearance AND that it was a follow up to Sherlock Homes AND it was a spoof on Henley life; but I am just pleased to have caught sight of the actress from Misfits (the one that played the old lady who turned young again).

BTW I hope they edited out my mobile phone going off ;0).

Filming in the street

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