Is this beautiful art or close to treason?


I was in Richard James, bespoke Tailors on Savile Row the other day  (don’t ask!), and on display over the mantlepiece was the weirdest ‘arrangement’ I have ever seen. A rainbow of beads, dolls heads and skeletons were amongst a mass of ecletic pieces of plastic that seemed to serve no purpose or reason. It was only when I asked if this was a homage to Halloween that I was told it’s story; and I refer you to the blog on the Tailor’s website:

“Courtesy of the Hales Gallery, London E1,  Hew Locke’s vibrant wall relief “Artemis” has just gone on display in Richard James Bespoke. Created in early 2010, the work takes as its starting point a portrait of  Queen Elizabeth II, which the artist has deconstructed and then put back together again in his own way. Hew has turned his attention to the Royal Family before, and sees it as a vehicle through which he is able to confront and evaluate his experiences growing up in the former British colony of Guyana. Favoured materials include plastic lizards, sequins, fake machine gun parts and silk flowers.”

It’s only when you stand several feet away that you can actually see the Queen’s head…Bizarre.

(Pictures ‘borrowed’ from Richard Jame’s website – thanks! ;0))

Is this beautiful art or close to treason?

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